10 Best Free Hosting Server in 2022

Here, we discussed “Best Free Hosting Server in 2022“. We will also learn about who provides hosting servers for free, How much storage you can use, And many features!!!

Best Free Hosting Server

What is a Hosting Server?

We use memory or hard disk to keep files on our phones or computer. Similarly, our website files must be kept in an online memory. And this memory is called hosting. Many providers give paid [Like Namecheap, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc. ] and free.


How to build a website easily? If you type it, you are searching on Google or YouTube. So, you must know about WordPress. The most popular open-source CMS [ Content Management System ] in WordPress. 

But what you don’t know is that WordPress also has the best free hosting service. Below is some information about it….

Storage:- 3 GB | No Free Domain | SSL Certificate | Jetpack Essential Features | Dozens of Free Themes

Best free hosting server


InfinityFree is another best free hosting server. It gives you Unlimited Disk Space storage. It offers:-

Storage:- Unlimited | Free subdomain | SSL Certificate | JFree DNS Service | 400 MySQL Databases | Full .htaccess support

Best free hosting server


Wix.com is the best free website hosting provider. For free, they offered:- 

Storage:- 500 MB | Free subdomain | SSL Certificate | Advanced Security Monitoring | 99.9% Uptime | Bandwidth 500 MB

Best free hosting


000WebHost.com is another best free hosting option from Hostinger.com. They offered:- 

Storage:- 300 MB | Free no subdomain | No SSL Certificate | Cloudflare Protected Nameservers | 99.9% Uptime | Bandwidth 3GB | 1 MySQL Database | 1 FTP Account

Best free hosting

Google Cloud Hosting 

Google Cloud Hosting is the best free hosting server. Below is some information about it….

Storage:- Unlimited | 1 website | $300 in free credits. | Global CDN | Price:- Free

Best free hosting


AwardSpace is the best free hosting server. It is best famous for its free plan. Let’s know some information about it…

Storage:- 1 GB | 1 website | Bandwidth 5 GB | MySQL database | App Installer | Email Sending | No ads

Best free web hosting


Freehostia is a free web hosting provider. Below is some information about it….

Storage:- 250 MB | 5 websites | Bandwidth 6 GB | 3 E-mail Accounts | 1 MySQL Database

Best free web hosting


FreeHosting is a free web hosting provider. It is best popular for its free plan. Below is some information about it….

Storage:- 10 GB | No Free Subdomain | 1 website | 1 E-mail account | 1 MySQL database | Bandwidth Unmetered

Best Free website hosting


ByetHost is the best free web hosting provider. It is a free hosting option from iFastNet.com. They offered…

Storage:- 1000 MB | Bandwidth:- 50 GB | Free 5 SubDomains | 5 MySQL databases | Free 24/7 support

Best Free website hosting


FreeWebHostingArea is a volunteer-maintained hosting company. Below is some information about it….

Storage:- 1500 MB | Brandwidth:- Unmetered | MySQL database | Daily/Weekly Backups | No Ads

Best Free wordpress hosting

How to signup?

Each provider’s website has signup free or gets start free or signup. Then click on signup free or get start free or signup. A form will appear after clicking. Please fill it out.

Then you check your email, and you will get all the hosting details in the email. If you do not get it, you can check the spam email. And login…

Note:- Free means free, And premium means premium. So it isn't smart to ask for premium benefits in a free plan. You cannot create a professional website with free hosting or domain. 

It would help if you used a premium domain & hosting to create a professional website. However, you can get free domain & hosting to get started. Change it later.

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