Best WordPress Plugins For Google Analytics 2022

best wordpress plugins for google analytics

If you find the best WordPress plugins for google analytics 2022? You come to the right place! This article will talk about the best google analytics WordPress, This article is essential for you. Let's go...

MonsterInsights by Google Analytics

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin for google analytics. It is easy to double your traffic and sales when you know how people find and use your website. 

MonsterInsights shows you essential statistics so your business can grow with user confidence. 

At MonsterInsights, you can easily integrate the WordPress site with Google Analytics, allowing users to initiate data-driven decisions to grow your business. 

best wordpress plugin for analytics

Like other Google Analytics plugins, MonsterInsights lets you enable just a few advanced Google Analytics tracking features. 

The best part is that MonsterInsights comes with a Google Analytics dashboard for WordPress that shows you available analytics reports from within your WordPress dashboard. 

We've created customized reports that exclude fluff and display only the statistics you need to see what's working and what's not.

ExactMetrics- Google Analytics Dashboard

Using this google analytics plugin, a visitor can get back time information for details of traffic sources. This Google Analytics for WordPress plugin helps you track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and view basic Google Analytics statistics for your WordPress installation. 

In addition to a set of general Google Analytics statistics, in-depth page reports and post reports allow for further analysis of your analytics data, providing performance details for each post or page from your website. 

best wordpress plugins for google analytics

Google Analytics analytics provides you with sessions, organic search, page views, bounce rate analysis statistics, locations, referrers, keywords, 404 error analysis statistics, traffic channels, social networks, traffic media, search engine analysis statistics, browsing, devices, systems, screen resolution, and mobile brand analysis statistics. Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce Google Analytics is the best WordPress plugin for google analytics. It is also a free plugin for the eCommerce Store that lets you use the newly launched feature of Google Analytics. You can track user behavior across your e-commerce store, starting with product perspectives to thank the page. Analytics only supports extended eCommerce. The plugin supports "Extended eCommerce Reports", including "Shopping Behavior Report", "Checkout Behavior Report", "Product Performance Report," and "Sales Performance Report".

best wordpress plugin for analytics

It captures product impressions, adds carts and product click events to the product page, featured products section on the homepage, recent products section on the homepage, and related product sections on the product page.

WP Statistics

WP Statistics is an easy tool for knowing your website statistics. It would help if you represented these figures. 

WP Statistics lets you know your website stats without sending any information to your user stats. How many people can visit your personal or business website, where they are coming from, what browsers and search engines they are using, and what content, categories, tags, and users do you get to visit more.

best wordpress plugins for google analytics

All this information is recorded on your server, and WP statistics are consistent with GDPR. It gives you stunning graphs and visual statistics for visitors' data records, including IP, referring sites, browsers, search engines, OS, country, and city. 

The data shows the number of visitors from each search engine and the number of referrals from each referring site, including data from the top 10 common browsers; Top 10 countries with the most visitors; Top 10 Most Visited Pages, and Top 10 Most Mentioned Sites.

5. Analytify - Google Analytics

Analytify makes Google Analytics easy for WordPress everywhere (posts, pages, and types of custom posts). It beautifully presents Google Analytics statistics at the front end, backend, and under its dashboard under WordPress posts/pages. 

best wordpress plugins for google analytics

Users can access the Google Analytics dashboard within the WordPress dashboard. The plugin adds Google Analytics tracking code to the website, and no code needs to be copied manually. 

It comes with extended eCommerce Google Analytics tracking add-ons for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Analytics statistics list statistics for top countries, top cities, social media statistics, top referrer browsers, and valuable mobile devices.


I have reviewed the five best WordPress plugins for google analytics. These are google analytics and can be used on any website category. And let us know in the comments which plugin you like best. 

Moreover, if you have difficulty understanding something, you can let us know by commenting or message.

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