How To Delete Account 2022

Blogger is a Google platform where we can create websites for free. We can create multiple websites with one email on the blog.

However, even if multiple websites are created in Blogger, running all the websites is often impossible. We can't use various blog sites due to our busy schedules...

However, if you create multiple blogger websites and do not use them, you will want to delete them. You can quickly delete your new or unused blogger website if you wish. 

How To Delete Account

This tutorial will show you how to delete account permanently. We hope you enjoy reading the entire tutorial and learning how to delete blogger site.

Reasons and Benefits of Deleting Blogger site

Many of us open multiple blog websites as a hobby or for various reasons. Later, it was impossible to run various blogger websites due to a lack of time. For this reason, we can delete blogger websites that do not have time to run.

Many open blogger websites for specific purposes. Later, if its purpose is not fulfilled or, for some reason, the blogger does not want to run the website, the blogger wants to delete the website permanently. If you delete a blogger site, it is impossible to return that website later.

Again, many want to use WordPress without using the Blogger website. For this reason, many people move to WordPress by deleting the blogger website. In other words, there are many reasons to delete the blogger's website. People want to delete their blogger websites for various reasons.

How To Delete Account?

Permanent deletion of the Blogger website is straightforward. You can quickly delete your blogger website permanently. Remember that you will not get that website back after deleting your blogger website. You can soon delete blogger site by following the steps below -

Step - 1

First, log in to your Blogger website in any of your browsers. After logging in to the Blogger website, you need to select the Blogger website you want to delete and enter the Settings option like the screenshot below. 

If you use a smartphone, please select desktop mode.

How To Delete Account

Step- 2

After entering the setting option, you need to find the option called Remove Your Blog. Usually, this option is at the bottom of the settings page. You will enter the Remove Your Blog option shown in the screenshot below.

how to delete blogger account

Step- 3

Now you will see an option called Download Blog, like the screenshot below. If you click on the download blog option, it will download all the posts on your website to mobile or desktop. After uploading the downloaded file to any Blogger website, you can see all the content on this website as before.

If you need the content of this website, you can download it. And if you do not need to click on the delete option directly.

How To Delete Account

Step- 4

Now you will know when your website will be deleted. If you delete your website like the screenshot below, it will tell you the date when that website will be deleted. Once you know the date, click on the Permanently Delete option.

how to delete blogger site, delete blogger site, delete blogger

Step- 5

If everything is OK and you are sure to delete your Blogger website, click on the Permanently Delete option. Remember that if you click on the Permanent Delete option this time, your Blogger website will be deleted forever. You will not be able to open another blogger website with the same name later.

How To Delete Account

Then your blogger website will be permanently deleted. You will never get your deleted blogger website back. Your Blogger website will be permanently deleted on the date you show when you delete the blogger website. You can't open another blogger website with the same name even if you want to.

This is how to delete account permanently. In this tutorial, I have shown you how to delete Blogger site permanently. I hope you can quickly delete blogger site.


Today, I have discussed How To Delete Account. If you like this tutorial and find it helpful, please let us know. Also, if you have trouble understanding somewhere or if there is any problem in deleting the blogger website, you can let us know in the comments. Inshallah, I will try to give a solution.

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