How To Create New Instagram Account 2022

Currently, The most popular social media is Facebook. Then another popular media like Facebook is Instagram. Instagram Media and Facebook Company cover it. Many have heard the name of Instagram media and seen it on Facebook. But many people do not know the rules of opening an Instagram account. Today, I will discuss How To Create New Instagram Account.

How To Create New Instagram Account

Many people think that opening an Instagram account is very difficult. But no, it's just as easy as opening a Facebook account. Like Facebook, Instagram is a lot of fun media. Users upload millions of pictures and short videos every day.

I use my own Instagram account. Honestly, Instagram is a user-friendly social platform. Let's go to learn How To Create New Instagram Account.

Dear reader, if you follow my article step by step. 100%, you can Create New Instagram Account very quickly. If you have a Facebook account. Then, in just a few minutes, you can create new Instagram account with two clicks. So let's get started...

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free online photo and video sharing social media platform. The current owner of Instagram is Meta. Facebook bought the platform in 2012. In 2010, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom founded this social media (Instagram).

How To Create An Instagram Account

Instagram has become so popular that "Instagramming" is now a common word. With the vast number of active users as a social media platform, Instagram has become a virtual crowd. The platform is designed for sharing pictures and videos rather than words.

How To Create New Instagram Account?

First, open your mobile phone. Then open the Play Store. Install the official apps of Instagram from the Play Store. Then install the app. Click here to download Instagram apps.

If you want to create an Instagram account manually. Click here to sign up with an email or phone number. Then you have to give your mobile phone number. Or, if you have an email address, you have to provide the email.

Remember the number or email you want to open an account with. It would be better to have that number or email on your mobile. Then two options will come. You have to give your name and password in the options.

Then click continue. Then select your DOB (date of birth) and click next. Then Instagram will welcome you. Then you click on continue. Your Instagram account has been created successfully. Now you can quickly start running an Instagram account.

How To Create An Instagram Account Through Facebook?

When you download and install the Instagram app. Then click on Instagram Apps. Then, you will see the "Continue with Facebook" option. It means that if you want to open an Instagram account through Facebook, you have to click "Continue with Facebook".

But keep in mind that Facebook apps, even Google Apps, must have a Facebook account login. Then Instagram will notify you. To open an Instagram account through a Facebook account.

Then you have to click on the Facebook option inside Instagram. Then the Instagram app will take all the information from your Facebook. Instagram will automatically create a beautiful profile for you.

How To Use Instagram Account?

You can use Instagram just like Facebook. You can share pictures on Instagram. You can share videos if you want. You can also TikTok, and Likee videos share if you wish.

Stars, footballers and Crickers from all over the world use this Instagram. They share their beautiful pictures and videos on Instagram. Many famous people even use many heroes and heroines. And a lot of their fans or friends are made.

Instagram is straightforward to use. You can publish pictures and videos. You can give captions with images and videos just like on Facebook. Moreover, you can grow followers. You can also message your followers.

How To Private My Instagram Account?

For various reasons, we want to use our Instagram account privately. Let's go to know How To Private My Instagram Account?

To make the account private, first, go to Settings. After going to Setting option, click on the privacy option. Click on the Account Privacy option to make the account private. Hopefully, your Instagram will be private.

Some Instagram Tips

Even though it is only a photo and video sharing social media platform, Instagram does not lack features. When using Instagram, the following can help you to grow your followers as a user on social media platforms:

  • Post interesting pictures.
  • Avoid using filters.
  • Use hashtags, but not extra.
  • Find interesting post by using the search feature.
  • To increase followers, try to post regularly.
  • Engage with followers by replying to comments.
  • Make proper use of the story feature.


Today, I have discussed How To Create New Instagram Account. Hopefully, you've created an Instagram account if you follow my article.

If you like this tutorial and find it helpful, please let's know. Also, if you have trouble understanding something, you can let's know. Inshallah, I will try to fix your problem. Thank You!

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