How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone 2023

For those who do not know "How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone ", this article is for them. In this article, I will discuss How To Delete Your Facebook Account. Besides, I will also discuss how to disable Facebook ID and what happens if you delete Facebook ID, and more!

How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone
Most of the people who use social media today use Facebook. The various options or features of Facebook attract people so much that people are so interested in Facebook.

But even though we have so many people using Facebook, many of us still do not know the "How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone". And today's article is related to this. In today's article, I will show you how to Delete your Facebook account or disable your Facebook account". Moreover, many of you do not know what happens if you delete your Facebook ID. You will also find out about this topic in this article. So keep reading this article from the beginning to the end of today's Facebook account delete.

What's the difference between Facebook deactivating and deleting?

Let us know below, what are the rules for deactivating and deleting accounts and what are the main differences between them.

Using Deactivating your Facebook account -

  • You can re-activate your FB account at any time.
  • Other people on Facebook can't see your timeline.
  • You will never be found on Facebook.
  • However, in this case, some other information can be found by others—for example, your message sent to Facebook messenger.
  • It will only deactivate your ID for a while, which you can use by reactivating it anytime again.
  • And using this rule will not permanently delete Facebook forever.

Using Delete Facebook Account Options -

  • If you use this rule, you cannot reactivate the account.
  • Once the account deletion process is complete, you will not be able to return any information, data, or contacts associated with your account.
  • After requesting account deletion, you will have about 15 days to 1 month to get your account back.
  • If you want, you can stop the process of deleting the account by logging in to your account again within 15 days to 1 month.

So, if you want to delete your account entirely and permanently, you can delete "Facebook ID permanently" using the "account delete" process.

How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone?

There are two ways to delete a Facebook account, which we can control from mobile or computer. Here, there is the option of account deactivation, which, if used, you can reactivate it again in the future even after deleting the account. And there is the option of "Delete account", which, if used, will wholly delete your account for any period. In this matter, you will not be able to reactivate the account in the future.

So, below I will tell you about the ways or steps to delete the account. There you will see both options. And, choose the options as per your requirement, delete or deactivate the account. You can delete Facebook from your mobile by following the steps given below.


Open FB App and log in to your account.


You need to click on the "3 line option icon" at the very top right of your Facebook mobile app.

It will open a menu on your mobile phone and scroll down to see the "settings" option. Now, Click on this settings option.


After clicking on the Settings option, you will see an option of "Personal and Account Information", where you have to click or tap.


Now when you scroll down a little in the settings menu, you will see an option of "Account ownership And control" where you have to click.


Now, in the second option, you will see an option of "Deactivation & Deletion" where click or tap.


Finally, you will now see two options straightforwardly.

  • Deactivate Account
  • Delete account
How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone

However, which option you select will depend entirely on you. The work of the two options I have told you above.

Since we want to delete the account altogether, click on the "Delete account" option and click on the "continue to account deletion" option below.


You will see a final page where you will be given the option to download the information and data associated with your Facebook account.

Click on the "Download your information" option to "download" photos, videos, or other data in your account.

However, only do this step if you feel the need. If not, there is no need to download data.


Now, you will see the "Delete Account" option at the very bottom of this same page. Just click on the "delete account" option.


After clicking on the Delete account option, you will be asked for your Facebook password on the next page.

After entering your Facebook password correctly, a request to delete your Facebook profile will go to Facebook.


Remember, after successfully submitting the request to delete the account, do not log in to your account within 30 days.

However, if you log in, your account will be re-activated.

Moreover, 30 days after requesting account deletion, your Facebook profile will be deleted entirely.

So, if you apply the above steps well, you can delete the account from your mobile through Facebook app.


Today, I have discussed How To Delete Facebook Account On Smartphone. If you like this tutorial and find it helpful, please let's know. Also, if you have trouble understanding something, you can let us know in the comments. Inshallah, I will try to give a solution.

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