List Of 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions 2022

If you search Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions on Google or Bing? Congratulations! You come to the right place! 

In this article, I will try to discuss widespread & best google chrome free VPN extensions. So, This article is crucial for you.

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We know that VPN is an essential internet service for almost all internet users. 

VPN is a vital service for content sensors, internet surveys, or various tracking methods. 

All users want to use VPN. The Google Chrome VPN extension can play an essential role in this.

Here, I will try to introduce you to the Top 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions.

Why will you use Chrome VPN Extension?

The Google Chrome VPN extension helps you to get more benefits besides browsing, tracking prevention, and a secure network facility. The Google Chrome VPN extension is enabled, but all other Internet services remain operational.

If you use Google Chrome as the default browser, then the Google Chrome VPN extension will save you from the hassle of geolocation surveillance. The Google Chrome VPN extension is more accessible than the VPN application directly.

List Of 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extension

I will talk about two types of Chrome VPN extensions in this list. E.g .:

  • The free version of the Chrome VPN extension
  • The partial free and premium version of the Chrome VPN extension

1. Touch 

The TouchVPN extension is one of the most widely used and best free VPN chrome extension. It's completely free. Easily control your VPN facility. 

After installing the VPN, you will see the Touch VPN icon in the Chrome browser extension area. You don't need to open an account to use it as a Google Chrome VPN extension. 

Touch VPN helps to choose places using seven servers. Touch VPN featuring an ads blocker, cookie blocker, and tracking blocker services, is a great Google Chrome VPN extension application that you can use.

2. uVPN 

uVPN or Unlimited VPN is commonly known as uVPN. uVPN can be one of the contenders to meet your needs as a Google Chrome VPN extension.

As before, it also helps you to choose the place you want with the help of several servers. Six data centers around the world will help you choose a location. 

Select the location and press the "Boom" button. Then your work is over. You will be automatically connected. It is also the completely best free VPN chrome extension!

3. Free VPN 

It is also another completely best chrome free VPN extension. I cannot mention that it is the fastest Google Chrome VPN extension. 

It allows you to select different places around the world through multiple servers. It does not have many additional features. 

It takes a little longer to get connected comparatively. It may be a Google Chrome VPN extension that works for you, even if you have some problems.

4. VeePN

VeePN is a premium VPN extension for Google Chrome. There is a free version of it. However, the free plan is slower than the premium plan. 

Selects locations through only three servers. It is an easy-to-use google chrome free VPN extension.

5. is a premium Google Chrome VPN extension. There are some limitations to us-ing the free plan. The free version uses only 2 GB of data. 

Connections are available in only three locations using the free version.'s connection process is simple, and the most exciting thing is that is a very fast Google Chrome VPN extension. 

Its fast mobility can make your browsing sweeter.

6. Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN is another best free VPN chrome extension. Because it is straightforward and interesting to use, its services are free. The free plan selects locations through four servers. 

You can upgrade to the premium version. This Google Chrome VPN extension offers unlimited bandwidth.

7. Browsec 

Browsec can be called the latest Google-Chrome VPN extension. It is easy to select the right place by looking at the possible speed before choosing the location to use it. 

Can use Not all features in the free version. However, all the features are available in the premium subscription. There is no limit to data exchange. I believe that Browsec will be pleasant for modern internet users to use.

8. Winscribe Best Chrome Free VPN Extension

Winscribe adds additional ads-blocking features to the Chrome browser. Its features will aid you in browsing the internet. Winscribe is the best free VPN chrome extension which is faster and easier to select locations than other VPN services. 

You can choose individual locations or select locations automatically using the Cruise feature. The only problem is that you have to create an account to use the Google Chrome VPN extension. 

10 GB of data can be exchanged in the free version. In the premium version, you get an unlimited data exchange facility.

9. Tunnel Bear 

TunnelBear offers reliable VPN services worldwide. Its free plan exists. However, the free plan has many limitations. Tunnel Bear The Google Chrome VPN extension helps you choose locations in many countries. 

Its connection is quickly established. Tunnel Bear does not compromise with speed. Tunnel Bear is the best free VPN extension for chrome, suitable for live broadcasting.

10. DotVPN 

Although DotVPN is at the bottom of the list, Google Chrome is one of the most popular and effective VPN extensions. Provides connections in different places. It's completely free. 

Once connected, Dot VPN shows you how accurate or real speed you are getting. It is relatively slow. Its interface is quite interesting, and the features are pretty vivid.


Top 10 free VPN extension for chrome you can use Today, I have added free and premium Google Chrome extensions to the list. Hopefully, Today's discussion has no questions about the Google Chrome VPN extension. 

If you have any queries, please let me know. I will try to answer. If you like the article, please share. Thank you.

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